Alchemy of Life - Soundtrack AD1312

by Matteo Bosi

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"Alchemy of Life - Soundtrack A.D.1312" is my first solo album, recorded between 1999 and 2000 with my PC, my Guitar, a Line6 POD, a Creamware Pulsar audio card and samples.

It is a work difficult to describe, because it blends very different kind of music. Principally, "Alchemy of Life - Soundtrack A.D.1312" is a Ghotic Metal album, but you can find also a lot of Epic and Doom Metal. In some pieces I tried to include very boombastic orchestrations, in a way that remember Rhapsody's "Legendary Tales" and "Symphony of Enchenated Lands". I was also strongly influenced by classical music and great movie soundtrack composers. But my work doesn't stop here...

My idea was to compose a soundtrack for a fantasy story, and this is exactly what I did: I wrote a short fantasy tale and then I composed the music which describes the event told in my story. The result is a mostly instumental album, with 9 great epic songs for a total running time of 40 minutes.

For this reason, if you want to listen to my music, I strongly suggest you to read the story before you begin to listen to the songs. I think the best experience is to listen to the whole album, at least for the first time, without any interruption: in this way I hope the music will bring to life the characters, the images and the events of this tale just as you would watching a movie.


Alchemy of Life - Soundtrack A.D. 1312

The legend begins in a village near a small river. Life was peaceful and quiet, the men were hunting the plains for food and meat. On a starlit night, after a great hunt, the village was dancing around the fire, feasting and playing.

Then a tragedy happened, a tragedy that would bring Erik's life from light down to darkness... His wife Virginia was brutally murdered by a thief, while she uselessly tried to defend her home. The thief run away, and Erik followed and finally killed him, full of anger and wrath, but he could do nothing for his wife, nothing apart to shed his tears while saying to her farewell with the last goodbye.

Erik's soul was tormented... How could he bear this injustice, this tragedy, how could he live whitout his love? He was almost mad... He believed to hear his wife calling him... "Return to me" she said.

Then Erik heard an old legend: perhaps not all hope was lost. Far away, in the mountains of the north, lied a place, a hidden shrine where all innocents souls are kept for eternity. He was obsessed by the idea to bring his wife back to life and so he began a journey to temple of the deads... His soul was troubled and tormented... "Am I doing the right thing? I know I cannot fight against god's will... but I want Virginia back again in my arms..."

The road to the temple was hard, and inside he had to fight with three demons in order to finally reach the fabulous altar were he could claim Virginia's soul back from the beyond.

"Please, stay with me for all lifetime
My hope, my dream, my only wish
Is to give you life
And I'm ready even to pay with my death
I will trace five lines of fire,
and I'll fear the vengeance of our God
Ruin and sorrow will waste my soul
If this spell should ever fail"

After having released Viginia's soul, Erik dedicated his life to the alchemy of life, the ancient spell to finally bring a dead body back to life...

Virginia's heart began to beat again...

The quest for eternal life is over and Erik can held his love again in his arms. ..


released January 1, 2001



all rights reserved


Matteo Bosi Parma, Italy

Hobbyst musician, dealing with a lot of different genres of music: Rock, soundtrack, lullabies, electronic, ambient, instrumental, metal, new age, classical... Enjoy, give me your feedback and visit my website! (

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